Our Luxury Brands

We believe every room in your home should stand out. The best way to set the standard is with our luxury appliances. We’re here to help you create stunning focal points in your home and bring the design and layout to the next level. These brands will match your aesthetic, provide unique features to simplify your every day life, and deliver peak performance and quality.

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Our Team and Our History

Founded by the Cronin family of Portland, Oregon, Basco Appliances has a long history deep-rooted in serving the best products and customer satisfaction to our community. Maintaining business in the Pacific Northwest since 1878, we are now a fifth-generation family owned business.

While shopping, our team of appliance experts are here to provide you with a seamless & stress free experience. Plan your purchase with confidence in a pressure-free environment allowing you to find the exact piece you are looking for with help from our knowledgeable team members.

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